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Redupes Pack

€29.95 Price

A few centimetres less, naturally? Unbelievable, but true! The triple action of Redupes Pack acts by directly attacking local or generalised cellulite and fat accumulation  (200ml x 3u)

Aloe Vera Essence Hand Cream

€4.95 Price

Aloe Vera hand cream ensures extreme hydration, restoring the skin of even the driest of hands which are showing flakiness and reddening due to external effects such as the cold. (100ml.)

Aloe Vera gel 100%

€8.95 Price

100% pure Aloe Vera gel is the solution for treating all sunburnt, delicate and allergic skin thanks to its emollient, healing and soothing properties. (500ml.)

Sudatone Thermoactive...

€30.95 Price

It is the most effective cream gel for professional use on the market. It allows an optimal penetration of the active ingredient

Sudatone Thermoactive...

€27.95 Price

This Thermoactive massage cream has anti-cellulite effects and also contains active decongestant and emollient ingredients.  (500ml.)

Sudatone Cellulite...

€24.95 Price

This is a special cream gel for massages. It is the ideal gel for the treatment of cellulite and localized obesity.  (500ml.)

Argan Oil

€12.95 Price

Pure Argan Oil is obtained by first cold pressing and has extraordinary benefits on the skin and hair thanks to its high content of essential fatty acids (approximately 80%).  (30ml.)

Dragon's Blood Essence

€19.95 Price

DRAGON'S BLOOD ESSENCE is a facial and body treatment with multiple anti-ageing and anti-free radical properties. (100ml.)

Body 10 Anticellulite

€16.95 Price

Anti-cellulite Body 10 is a specific treatment recommended for the reduction of cellulite. (200ml.)

Body 10 Special Stretch Marks

€17.95 Price

Body 10 special Stretch marks is a specific treatment recommended to combat the appearance of stretch marks produced by pregnancy. (200ml.)

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